BANT Supervision

I have been facilitating BANT Supervision groups since 2014 in Colchester and Woolpit near Bury St Edmunds.

Supervision is suitable for all BANT registered Nutritional Therapists whether newly qualified or very experienced. It is an opportunity to work with other nutritional therapists and a fully trained and accredited BANT Supervisor to reflect on your skills , explore dilemmas, problem solve and find a new perspective to moving forwards with the everyday challenges faced by nutritional therapists.

Group Clinical supervision is a supportive and reflective process whereby Nutritional Therapists can share their experiences with other professionals in the group who help the Nutritional Therapist to work out how to move forward with their dilemma. Although the aim is to use open questioning as much as possible, there is also the opportunity to ask for advice at the end of discussing your dilemma. As the facilitator, I organise a venue, plan each session and support Nutritional Therapists through the supervision process to create a safe environment promoting the use of open questioning.

Groups meet 6 times per year for two and a half hours.

Dates for Colchester

Monday 19th September, Monday the Monday 24th October and Monday 5th December from 10.30am to 1pm.

Dates for Woolpit

Friday 23rd September, and Friday 4th November

More about supervision

When you take part in the group supervision sessions your skills will not be assessed, no one will supervise your practice and you will not be observed in your clinic. Clinical Supervision at BANT is group based and about reflection and self-development. It is a great opportunity to refocus on you and your business as well as working with other NTs.

Dilemmas that have come up in previous supervision groups have been issues like work/life balance, case histories, case load, using NT in ways other than 1:1 consultations, safe practice, patient management, CPD, managing more than one clinic or juggling different types of work.

Personally for me, I have found that by training to be a clinical supervisor it has changed the way I have conversations both professionally and personally and also made those conversations more interesting. Although, I asked “open” questions in clinic previously, I use them more now and find I people generally give better answers which helps me to do my jo more effectively. Additional methods may also be used to encourage the exploration of dilemmas as well.

Feedback from previous supervisees

  • I have felt that being a nutritional therapist is a very solitary occupation, despite client interactions(!), and the supervision sessions really made me see the strength of being together – on many levels eg knowledge sharing, problem solving, seeing things with fresh eyes from a new perspective.

    The financial cost of the sessions was more than outweighed by the practical and spiritually uplifting benefit of participating.

    S.W. Essex

  • I enjoyed the supervision a lot – it was really great to get to know other people in my area, that was probably my favourite part, and hearing what they are doing. It was good to hear client cases too. When my turn came I found the session very useful – it really did provide me with some useful ideas and techniques and changed the way I felt. I was feeling quite defeated, but came away feeling hopeful and motivated!

    E.R. Essex

  • You are already aware that I feel you have done a wonderfully successful job of supervision and I hope it continues to get good support, and I am sure it will.

    C.A. Suffolk

CPD and Cost

Additionally, there is also the added benefit that each hour of attendance at group supervision will count towards your active CPD hours.

Each session costs £30.00.

Please do not hesitate to contact me on 01728 720736 or 07770949404 or email me for more information.