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Course Testimonials

  • I just thought I’d thank you for running such a great course! Although it was always a rush to get there I really miss it and got a lot out of it!

    CA, Framlingham

  • So thanks very much for all the advice from the course and from Graham’s consultation with you. I’ve lost about half a stone and several inches from the waist. We continue to walk – we did almost seven miles last Wednesday, seven miles (before lunch) yesterday and four miles today.

    JA, Orford

  • I had lost some weight before starting the course with Fiona, however since attending the course I have lose more weight – just over a stone in total and my cholesterol has dropped from 6.8 to 4.6!

    MJ Colchester

  • For the last six weeks you have transformed the way I feel about food. Thank you, not just for me but my family who are all much healthier as a result.

    AJ Framlingham

  • The Doctor was really pleased with his weight loss and new attitude toward food, life and diabetes. All thanks and gratitude to you. I have been on Fiona’s course 3 times and every time it’s different and I learn something new.

    LP Charsfield, partner

  • Thanks for putting on such a wonderful course. I truly enjoyed it and have taken such a lot on board.

    SM Framlingham

  • Thank you so much for a thoroughly enjoyable course. I learn’t lots as well as building upon my existing understanding of nutrition. It was such a lovely group – you never know I may well turn into a frequenter like Lyn! It’s a bit addictive.?

    AN, Rendlesham

  • I have thoroughly enjoyed Fiona’s nutrition courses. I repeated the course because there was a lot to learn. I was empowered with knowledge, and enjoyed the fact that she also offered healthy food for us to try, and decide if it was to our taste. It exceeded expectations, and in this way we also learned how to prepare delicious healthy food. For me it translated into a realistic way to maintain my weight. I understood that exercise has to go hand on hand with healthy eating to maintain a healthy weight. Like many people, I thought I already knew what healthy eating was, but the course made me realize that I had a lot to learn.

    MT, Charsfield