Nutrigenomics testing analyses an individual's DNA to provide insights into how their body is likely to respond to different foods, nutrients and dietary patterns so that a client's Nutritional Therapy Program can be targeted toward their individual's genetic makeup helping a person to make informed decisions about a diet/lifestyle to support overall health and well-being. A person can also gain an understanding of how genes impact the absorption and utilisation of nutrients and whether they may have a predisposition to lactose intolerance or gluten sensitivity.

Testing can provide insights into areas such as metabolic health (appetite, cholesterol metabolism, cardiovascular well-being, blood sugar balance, antioxidant needs), hormonal balance, thyroid well-being, histamine clearance, detoxification, nervous system and methylation.

Genetic tests examine specific genetic variations (single nucelotide polymorphisms or SNP's) that are know to influence nutrient metabolism, absorption and utilisation.


Test Collection: A saliva/cheek swab sample which is then sen to the laboratory for examination of DNA for specific genetic markers related to nutrition and health. A details report is generated providing information about the results providing personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations which I will help to interpret for a client as well as supporting them in implementing the information in a pro-actice and useful way.

Important note on your data
-Client data is securely stored on Lifecode Dx system and is protected using the highest industry standards.
-Each test is processed in our UK lab and all samples are destroyed after 6 months.