Health Concerns

Since qualifying I have supported clients in the following areas :

  • Digestive, Absorptive and Microbial Balance.
  • Gastrointestinal Tolerance
  • Waste regulation and natural elimination of toxins
  • Healthy Immune Modulation
  • Healthy Inflammatory Balance
  • Structural Balance from the cell membrane to the musculo-skeletal system level.
  • Healthy Energy MetabolismOptimal Stress Management
  • Oral Tolerance which is a homeostatic balance that is important in order to avoid potentially harmful immune responses to food, bacteria and other commensal organisms.
  • Skin Health
  • Weight Management

I use a careful assessment to determine the unique needs of those who seek my nutritional guidance. Where required, or indicated, I will, subject to permission, communicate with the individual’s primary care physician or specialist to ensure cross discipline continuity of care and to avoid any inappropriate recommendations, interactions or avoidable declines in health status. The care and safety of all individuals seeking my care remains paramount.