Nutritional Therapy Appointments

Initial Appointment

Once you have booked a consultation you will be sent a number of forms either via email or post including a detailed questionnaire asking about your medical history, lifestyle and food preferences to be completed ready for the appointment.

Appointments last 90 minutes allowing Fiona time to discuss the answers you have provided on your questionnaire fully, giving Fiona an insight into your current health, symptoms and lifestyle.  Fiona will also discuss with you the proposed strategy moving forward designed to suit your needs and then follow this up with a personalised report.

Recommendations may also include laboratory testing.

Supplements are often recommended to help correct nutritional deficiencies and to support the body whilst it is adapting to dietary changes. Supplements will be altered as the programme progresses with the eventual aim of discontinuing.

The Consultation Includes:-

  • A 90 minute session where we assess your diet and lifestyle in depth
  • A detailed report with personalised recommendations
  • A supplement programme
  • Handouts
  • Recipes to inspire you
  • Drug nutrient interaction check if required

Fee £135.00

Whilst Fiona can't answer long emails between appointments she is always happy to provide feedback to shorter emails where she can. Longer emails can be printed off or filed electronically for discussion at follow-up appointments.

There are times with life-limiting or chronic illness where Fiona will need to carry out additional research or write to GP’s/Consultants and if this need arises she may make an additional charge as it takes time to find the root causes, carry out research and interpret test results. This allows Fiona to do the best job possible for you.

Follow-up Appointment

These consultations usually last for 1 hour although for some people as time goes on they may only require a 30 minute appointment.  Fiona will discuss your progress so far and go through test results if applicable.  As with the initial consultation Fiona will write to you after the appointment with additional recommendations, handouts and revise the supplement programme where appropriate.

Most people will require 3-4 visits over 3-6 months and some people then like to have an annual MOT to help motivate them to keep on trying.


1 hour £70.00

30 Minutes £40.00