Nutritional Therapy Appointments

Nutritional Therapy Appointments


Initial Appointment

At the initial consultation Fiona goes through a previously completed questionnaire with her clients. The information this provides with regard to her client’s health, symptoms and lifestyle enables a thorough assessment of the client’s nutritional status.

The initial consultation usually lasts for 1 3/4 hours. During the consultation Fiona discusses with her clients the answers on their questionnaire in more depth, carries out a brief physical examination, discusses the underlying causes for their symptoms and then writes an individual nutritional programme for client’s to take away which usually includes additional advice on lifestyle, dietary changes, supplements and any required laboratory testing. Supplements are usually recommended to help correct nutritional deficiencies and to support the body whilst it is adapting to dietary changes. Supplements will be altered as the programme progresses with the eventual aim of discontinuing.

Fee £97.00

There are times with life-limiting or chronic illness where I have to carry out additional research or check for drug nutrient interactions or writing to GP’s/Consultants and may need to make some additional charge.

Follow-up Appointment

These consultations last for 1 hour and are to discuss progress so far, to discuss test results if applicable and may also include iridology (the study of the iris of the eye), and mineral taste testing. 5

Most people will require 3-4 visits over 3-6 months and some people then like to have an annual MOT to help motivate them to keep on trying.

Fee £65.00